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I’m Miya. A free spirit who is passionate about creativity, do-it-yourself projects, organization & LOVE.

My Story, Inspiration + DIY Wedding

Newlywed & former DIY Bride I married the love of my life, Adam, on September 07, 2017 in Big Sur, CA. We used a private home rental that was a complete blank-slate (Yikes!). Naturally, I thought the wedding was perfection. It wasn’t until our wedding was featured on the cover of 7×7 Magazine that I started thinking others might agree.

I need to give a huge THANK YOU to our photographer Alex at RedSphere Studios. It is because of his creative eye (and I would say genius) that our wedding lives on so spectacularly!


Read about my wedding inspiration.

Press: An SF Couple Throws a Multihued Masked Ball in Big Sur

All the bells and whistles came out for this bash-colors, candy, and a stunning coastline.


It turns out somebody else saw the beauty in the what we had created, seemingly out of thin air. Taking DIY to the next level we did everything from planning the event, our decor, the flowers, layout & design, THE WORKS!

Turning your vision into a reality is no easy task but the alternative has its own set of faults & limitations.

  1. Choosing an all-inclusive package doesn’t fit the needs of many couples.
  2. Hiring out these wedding tasks can send your budget sky-rocketing
  3. Limits the amount of creativity & personality of your wedding

…so for me, it is DIY all the way!

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About MiyAmorLife

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MiyAmorLife was born from the simple fact that planning a DIY wedding is incredibly difficult!

In the months leading up to the wedding, I faced a landslide, demolished bridge, countless mudslides & road closures (yes…quite literally a disaster). Not to mention the usual pre-wedding drama: family arguments & unreliable vendors.

Since the wedding, I have realized the invaluable information I gained from this experience. Information that I could offer other like-minded couples.

Couples looking to plan a completely customized and deeply personal wedding.

Afraid to lose the momentum, I quickly got to readying myself to share everything I learned with the newly engaged!

Between planning a wedding, dealing with family/friends, AND maintaining a great relationship with your fiancé things get overwhelming fast! The internet has a lot out there but I discovered that there wasn’t a great place to communicate, share ideas, and get specific advice from somebody who had gone through the process.

And THAT is what MiyAmorLife is all about.

If you ever have questions or want to see me tackle a specific project submit a content request HERE or connect with me on social media 🙂 @MiyAmorLife

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